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Course Outlines

The Front-End Developer 5 Day Bootcamp course will give you a fantastic grounding in HTML, CSS and jQuery.

It’s an intense course, but by the end of the 5 days you will have gained knowledge of best practice in web development and be confident in building your own website using code. You can then join the Network and continue to share with your fellow classmates and others.   

Topic One: HTML Foundations

Part One
• What is HTML & what is it used for?
• Code Editors
• Definitions: Basic Syntax, Tags, Attributes & Elements
• The Basic HTML Structure
• Headings & Paragraphs
• Basic Formatting (bold, italic)

Part Two
• Hyperlinks & Lists
• Span & Div Tags
• Images
• IDs & Classes
• Forms

Topic Two: CSS Foundations

Part One
• What is CSS & what is it used for?
• CSS syntax
• Inheritance of Styles
• Measurements & The Box Model
• Inline, Internal & External CSS
• Selectors: ID, Class, Descendant, Grouping

Part Two
• Colours, Text Styling & Formatting
• Borders & Background Images
• Styling Forms
• Organising your CSS (comments, table of contents, alphabetisation)
• Validating your CSS

Topic Three: Next Level CSS (and CSS3)
Topic Four: Introduction to jQuery
Topic Five: Front-End Frameworks

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This course is coming soon.

This course is coming soon.

This course is coming soon.