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We empower individuals and elevate women in tech to be creative and excel in building websites and designing apps.

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Skills Development

A company focused on developing your tech skills for the enhancement of competences designed to further your career, business or interests.

Forward Thinking

We are offering an innovative approach to learning new skills and developing expertise, which takes into account the future needs of the tech industry.

Problem Solvers

Solving the challenges of accessing flexible, affordable, high value courses which are investments, offering real returns.

Customer Support

We are here to support you ongoing, with access to our network, introductions to job and business opportunities, and great value courses.

What’s the story?

Adroit Coding Network was founded in 2016 by three sisters, Merisha Stevenson, Dionne Martin and Tonika Martin-Clarke.

The sisters, all professionals in their respective fields, came together to establish ACN after Tonika became personally frustrated with trying to teach herself to code in her spare time. Desperately searching for a classroom based course that would teach her Front End Development, Tonika quickly realised that the majority of the courses on offer in London were either too short or so long and expensive that she would have to quit her day job in order to enrol.

Recognising a gap in the training market for an intensive but effective face to face coding course, the sisters decided to launch ACN. With a shared passion and desire to not only create a legacy for the next generation but also reduce the disadvantage of women in the tech industry the sisters now focus on running a business that empowers others.

What’s in a name?

To be adroit is to be skillful.

Adroit Coding Network is very much focused on equipping people with coding skills that can be utilised to build websites and apps. We also aim to build a network of like-minded individuals who can share their skills and collaborate with one and other.

What will you experience?

When you join us on an Adroit Coding Network course we want you to love the whole experience!

From the tea breaks (or coffee) right through to the actual learning we want you to walk away feeling a sense of fulfilment and that your course was good value for money. This is why we work really hard to recruit knowledgeable but personable instructors, provide you with relevant resources as well as tasty snack and beverages to see you through each day.

What are you waiting for?

Still not convinced? This may help…

According to Tech City UK, the growth in tech is predicted to outperform every other industry in the UK by 2020. At the moment there is a shortage of skilled tech workers so this is the perfect time to move from behind the curve to in front of it. Whatever your motivations may be for looking at a coding course, one fact you can take comfort in is that through gaining these skills now you are making an investment in your future.

An Adroit Coding Network will set you on the path to coding success so take the leap and book a course today.


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