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We are a tech training company focused on delivering high quality, succinct and effective coding courses that will empower you by giving you the practical skills and knowledge to build websites and apps – making your dreams a reality.

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We currently offer courses in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Follow the link to find out more.
If you were hoping for another location please contact us and we will make it happen.

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Although ACN offers courses to both men and women, we are passionate about doing something to reduce the gender gap in the tech industry. Therefore we offer at least one scholarship place on every course we run.


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What do we do?

Adroit Coding Network (ACN) is a tech training company that is focused on delivering high quality, succinct and effective coding courses that will equip people with the requisite skills and knowledge to make an impact in the tech industry.

The below stats are all things that motivate us to make a difference by offering the courses that we offer.

The IT Gender Imbalance is Increasing!

Deloitte Global predicts that by end-2016 fewer than 25 percent of information technology (IT) jobs in developed countries will be held by women, i.e. women working in IT roles.

Digital employment is set to grow...

According to Career Builder, digital employment is set to grow by 5.4% by 2020, which is higher than the total job growth rate expected in the UK by 2020! Are you in the right career?

Digital tech companies are small businesses!

Even though we may only hear about the ‘big boys’, figures from DueDil and Tech City demonstrate that 98% of digital tech companies in the UK are actually small businesses.

The Kardashian Effect?

I can’t believe something about the Kardashians has made it to this website, but apparently almost three quarters of Britons cannot name a successful woman in tech, but 30% know that Kim Kardashian has an App.

What We Offer


Short Courses

Adroit Coding Network courses are specifically designed to provide a broad brush of knowledge in a short period of time. The courses are certainly intense, but they are a perfect solution for people who are either unable to commit the 8 to 12 weeks required to complete an immersive course or for those who have spent many hours struggling to decipher the many online resources available.

Classroom Based

We focus on face to face courses because we believe the classroom environment is synonymous with success when trying to learn a new topic in a short period of time. Whilst on the course you will be able to speak directly with your instructor in order to clarify any uncertainties and seek further guidance. You can also interact with your fellow class members, share ideas and work through any problems together.


Unlike many of the other classroom based courses on offer Adroit Coding Network offers an extremely competitive price point. Over the course of your program you will receive extreme value for money, with the provision of comprehensive resources. We also care about your comfort during the course and will supply you with as much tea, coffee, fruit and confectionary required to get you through each day.

A little more about us…

Adroit Coding Network is a high quality IT training provider specialising in delivering coding courses. The purpose of our courses is to enable individuals interested in technology and budding IT professionals to gain the skills needed to build websites and design apps. Whether you want to learn the skills to support your own business or aid others as a professional, our IT and Technology courses have been created with you in mind.

To empower individuals and elevate women in Tech to be creative and excel in building websites and designing apps.

This is a family business comprising of three sisters who take pride in what they do.  Professionals in their own fields, they bring together their expertise and experience to ensure that you receive high value IT training and insights into the technological world, which is flexible yet functional.  Like you, they live in the real world and, understand that it can be challenging to juggle the daily responsibilities of life with developing personally to achieve aspirations, whether it is to start your own business; create your own products, or establish gateways to communicate with the world.  It is with this in mind that they have come together to remove barriers to growth and to help you achieve your goals.

They are particularly passionate about closing the gender gap in Technology, and are very keen to see more women in Technology and IT professions.

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Choose from a variety of programs designed to develop your skills and professional opportunities for website, app and graphic design.

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Spaces on our short courses are limited and are awarded on a first come, first served basis. So booking early is advised. Booking can be completed online which means you can secure your place immediately.

Choose your date for delivery

Programs are scheduled periodically and in a manner to aid continuity of your personal development. You can complete our courses within a short or longer period of time to suit your needs and diary constraints.

Exclusive membership to ACN

Once you complete your course, you gain exclusive access to the ACN network of IT professionals. Offering immediate contacts in the industry and access to fellow professionals, as well as potential work opportunities to begin receiving a return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few frequently asked questions and answers about our courses and how you can get involved.  For more answers to your questions please visit the FAQ page.  However if you find that your question is not answered on the website already; please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be happy to answer any queries and / or questions you have.


What courses are available?

We’re developing a suite of coding courses which includes, Front End Development (HTML, CSS and Javascript); Back End Development (SQL and PHP), and WordPress. Our selection of courses is growing continually; therefore if you would like to complete a course which you do not see detailed on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us to make a formal request.

Who are the courses suitable for?

Our courses are primarily designed for beginners or those with a basic understanding of coding.  This means that you do not require any previous expertise or training to complete a program.  They have been designed to take you through the knowledge and skills required.

How long are the courses?

Our courses vary in length depending on the subjects and nature, however to aid flexibility we seek to offer all courses in the shortest period of time which does not compromise quality and your ability to achieve.

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